Photoshop for Beginners

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If you are attempting to learn Photoshop online, it is quite likely that at the beginning you will be quite confused because you will come across several tutorials and courses that are available in the market. The guidelines given below will help you learn Photoshop online.

Look at the tutorials synopsis. If in the beginning the website proposes to teach you some things like creating special borders or buttons for websites, then this course will not be for the beginners. To get around to doing these things you must already have some working knowledge of photo shop.

Your first lessons after basic introduction would have to contain pointers on how to get around the software and introducing you to various tools that it contains. You will have to be guided through each of the features provided there in.

Once you are thorough with basics, the next level of introduction would have to be to teach you the various feature applications like layering, clone patterns, removal of backgrounds, coloring and shading etc.

You are still learning the fundamental principles and getting to feel your way through the software. This knowledge will build your base and give you a solid foundation to be able to graduate to higher techniques.

Only once you are comfortable and have understood all the features and are full conversant with basic Photoshop techniques, should you proceed to the next level.

Now you can go through the other tutorials available on the internet. Go through both kinds of modules those that take you through case study and practical applications as well as the theory based modules. Now you should start using the software and building your own examples too.

Photoshop requires dedication and time to learn. More over you have got to keep working out practically to get to know each and every tool and features. Unless you are thoroughly knowledgeable about all the tools and their capabilities you will not be able to take up assignments to work on.

Unravel Secrets of Photoshop Masking

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Ordinarily, Photoshop masking has been a fixture tool of the earlier versions of the software. Used for determining the layers of transparency in a picture, the mask conceals one aspect of a composition, and/or reveals another part. Effects are used to make text or generate graphics as required by the client’s brief. Too much contrast can hamper the quality of a picture. For example take a picture with one part showing a sunny side and a darker part on the other end. There is high contrast in this picture. The mask can be used to control the contrast of this picture. The color mask is needed to repair this picture to have a uniform quality. A compilation of masking layers usually gives the much-needed final result. Now is the time to move beyond the realm of only layer masking. Try the technique of after effects. It is the latest to hit the graphic industry. Soon the professionals will be divided into those who apply after effects and those who are ignorant about it. Already a sizable number of designers are using it along with Photoshop masking. But not all editors who use Photoshop masking may try out after effects. And here is an interesting tale and a guide to unravel its secrets.

Imagine working on a digital image of a star hurtling down to earth breaking away from the universe. Normally, to create the fragments, drop shadow or reflective mirror effects would be used. They are fabulous to give a 2-d picture a 3-d look. The power of after effects can be more magical in such a case. Editors can use after effects after the initial edit on Photoshop masking has been done. Some animation and lively graphics can be added. When both are integrated, the final image can become a masterpiece on a PSD file. Creative exploration of the technique can produce dramatic effects. Most editors like to experiment and this is one trial an editor must try. It will only enhance his skills to produce better work. There are several tutorials that can add to his existing knowledge of graphics.

Understanding how Photoshop masking works is one of the most important needs for the designer. It is like getting a black belt certificate from the industry. By grasping the latest technological nuances, designers can make mind blowing movie posters, covers for cds, surreal graphics for digital art and also creative ad campaigns. Even website graphics can be mastered with the new secrets of latest Photoshop masking tools.

Masking is required for altering backgrounds of images. It removes the attention from the bad elements of the composition. The use of the color mask makes the main subject more focused. Graphic editors need to continue to update their graphic skills to get more clients. As new technology like after effects emerges, the chances of more images getting a brand-new look is conceivable. With competition being tough even online, the one who has a secret ace up his sleeve is able to get better opportunities to showcase his talent.


Three Good Reasons Why You Should Learn Photoshop Today

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Have you ever been inspired by spectacular photographs and often admired the artistic eyes of the photographers who took those pictures? The interesting thing is, even if your photographs do not come out amazing the first time they were taken, you can still improve them and turn them into unique works of art. That can easily be done through the magic of Photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop is the software of choice for people who are in the visual arts business such as graphic artists and photographers. It is such a powerful, yet user friendly software that evens those who are not in the visual arts business use it for personal and professional purposes.

Here are three good reasons why you should learn Photoshop today:

1. Even someone who is not in the graphic arts business will find Photoshop useful for enhancing personal photos. Through Photoshop, you can easily remove wrinkles or unwanted blemishes on the face (even acne!). You can superimpose your picture onto a scenic background like a European village or if you want, you can make it look like you’re in the middle of Manhattan Square! You can touch up old photos and make them come back to life. You can turn new photos into vintage ones. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

2. If you are in the visual arts business, you will find Photoshop an indispensable tool that you can use to sharpen and enhance your designs. Your creative energies will flow easily as you see an image going through changes right in front of your eyes. You will be a notch ahead of your competitors if you learn Photoshop and have a good mastery of its techniques.

3. The best thing about investing your time and money to learn Photoshop is you can start charging other people for your creative services using this great software. You can create unique company logos, banners and brochures for those who want to promote their businesses. You can even be a website designer, which is getting to be a lucrative job nowadays, as almost all businesses see the potential for increased sales through online marketing.

Anyone who understands the potential of improving their skills in the visual arts will be interested to learn Photoshop. If you spend the time and energy to learn Photoshop, you will discover more of its potential to help you get ahead in your business or your career.

For an easy and smart way to learn Photoshop, try the Photoshop Video Lesson Tutorials. This set of 20 video lessons in Photoshop will guide you step by step in using the different tools to get the effects you want to achieve with your photos.